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Fellowship Groups

We meet in fellowship groups of mixed gender and age, some in the homes of members of the group, and others during the day in the church building.  They are a place to wrestle with the truths of the Bible, love one another and participate in 'Loving God and the Community'.

We were created for fellowship with God and each other, so whether you are new to Maswell or with us a little longer just waiting for an opportunity, there is a fellowship group for you.  Go to the contacts page or speak with the Leadership team on Sunday and we will introduce you to a group.

What is a Fellowship Group?

Regularly meeting for fellowship and accountability, study and prayer, good times and tears.  Maswell fellowship groups are an essential expression of what our church is about. At the heart of the fellowship groups ministry is the desire to see believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and embody the mission of Maswell.  It is where we become `church', loving, caring and challenging one another. 

I am new here - am I ready for a Fellowship Group?

Life is hard.  It was never meant to be lived in isolation.  Fellowship is a gift of God intended to help us see and experience the good news of Jesus in profound and tangible ways.  If you are new to the church this is the perfect place for you to belong, ask questions and wrestle with your faith within a group of people who care for you, not because your life is together, but because you are created in the image of God.  In Fellowship groups, people talk through life issues, eat together, pray together, laugh together, struggle together, and serve others.

Why are Fellowship Groups so important to Maswell?

To get connected at Maswell - it helps to participate in both the Sunday meeting and a fellowship group.  Sundays are a time for celebrating in worship of Jesus together, hearing the Bible preached and sharing in Communion.  Fellowship groups are the place where the sermons can be discussed, take root and become real. 

What should I expect when I go?

Each group is unique, as the group reflects the people attending.  However, you can expect a regular meeting that involves food, conversation, prayer, discussion for applying the Bible to practical living, and at times service to the community.  Fellowship groups are an environment for building relationships with one another, which challenge one another to enable God's Word (the Bible) to work in our lives. The groups may follow the Sunday sermon series; although some may choose to work through another book of the Bible or resource.  Fellowship groups are much more than a Bible study, a place where we can laugh, cry, work and play together.  This means BBQ's, treasure hunts, parties, food, trips out, more food..........

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